About Us

BSNL Speed Test is a utility website dedicated to providing an easy and accessible means for users to test their internet connection speed. Created with the sole purpose of facilitating these tests, our platform ensures that users can quickly gauge their internet performance without any hassle.

Please note, while our website is designed to assist users in testing their connection speeds, we are not affiliated or associated with Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). Our services are independent and aim solely to serve users seeking to evaluate their internet speeds.

For users experiencing issues with their connection speed tests, we recommend reaching out directly to the BSNL support team for specialized assistance. Although we strive to support our users, we cannot guarantee resolution of specific problems related to connection speeds. Our commitment is towards providing a reliable testing tool for your convenience.

Additional Information:

We are committed to providing a valuable service that helps users understand their internet connection performance better. Our site remains 100% free to use, reflecting our goal to assist without expecting anything in return. However, please remember that we cannot act on your behalf in communications with BSNL or guarantee solutions to specific internet speed issues.

Thank you for choosing our BSNL Speed Test website. We appreciate your trust in us and hope that our tool proves useful in assessing and improving your internet connection speed.