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How to Check BSNL Network Coverage in Your Area

Thinking of getting a new BSNL SIM but unsure of the signal strength in your area? Or just want to check the network coverage? Follow this simple guide to check BSNL network coverage easily on your mobile phone. The best part is that no additional tools are required..

1. Mobile Settings

Go to Settings on your mobile.

Mobile Network Option

2. Select SIM

Choose the SIM that you want to check for network coverage.

SIM Option

3. Operator Settings

Click on Operator.

Operator Option

4. Turn Off Auto Select

Disable Auto Select. This will make your phone start searching for available networks manually.

Turn Off Auto Select

5. Analyze Search Results

After the search is complete, check if CellOne 4G is in the list of available networks.

If CellOne 4G is displayed, high-speed BSNL network is available in your area.

CellOne 4G Option

If only BSNL 3G or BSNL 2G is displayed, high-speed 4G network is not available, but you can use BSNL 3G network, which will give you speeds of 1 to 3 Mbps.

6. Signal Availability

If only BSNL 2G signals are shown, then BSNL 3G/4G is not available in your area. Do not use BSNL SIM for internet services in this case as the speed will be very low.

7. BSNL Network Unavailable

If, after the search, you do not see any BSNL network, it means that BSNL service is not available in your area at all.

Follow these steps to check if BSNL 3G/4G is available in your area and decide accordingly.

Author Box Example Author Box Example

BSNL speed test tool for 4G, 3G, 2G, & Broadband

BSNL Fiber Broadband Plans READ ALSO- BSNL Fiber Broadband Plans

Do you use BSNL's 2G, 3G, 4G internet services, or are you using BSNL broadband but don't know how to check its speed? For this, we have developed a BSNL internet speed check tool that will accurately tell you the internet speed of BSNL. By using this tool, you can easily check the internet speed along with downloading and uploading speeds. And at the same time, you can also check the ping value of your BSNL internet.

What is BSNL internet speed check?

BSNL speed check tool measures your connection's download and upload speeds, alongside ping and jitter, offering a straightforward assessment of your BSNL internet performance.

Understanding BSNL Internet Speed

Before using the BSNL speed check Tool, you should know how BSNL's internet speed works. This will also help you understand the correct purpose of using this tool. So, let's look at some points below that will help you understand the technical aspects of BSNL's internet speed.

Components of Internet Speed

Download Speed

Download Speed means how fast web pages load, videos play smoothly, and games download. It is measured in megabits per second (Mbps). Higher download speed equals less waiting and smoother online experience.

Upload Speed

Upload Speed is about sending data from your device to the internet. It's important for uploading videos to YouTube, sending emails with large attachments, or live streaming. Upload Speed, also measured in Mbps, with higher numbers meaning faster data sent to the web.

Ping (Latency)

Ping (Latency) is the time data takes to travel from your device to a server and back. Measured in milliseconds (ms). Lower Ping is better for real-time activities like online gaming or video calls, as it means less delay and more responsive communication.


Jitter is about how Ping fluctuates over time. High Jitter can cause voice issues in calls or lag in gaming, due to ups and downs in latency affecting data flow. Low Jitter ensures a steady connection for a smoother online time.

The Importance of Measuring BSNL Speed Check

Spotting Discrepancies: When you opt for a BSNL Broadband connection or utilize a BSNL SIM for 4G, 3G, or 2G services, the company assures to deliver the specified speed. To verify this commitment, you have the option to use our BSNL test speed tool. This will enable you to ascertain if the BSNL operator is indeed offering the speed as guaranteed.

Fixing Issues: Facing slow connections? A BSNL speed check test can help figure out why. If your downloads are way slower than they should be, try rebooting your router or looking for network congestion.

Boosting Performance: Knowing your internet speed lets you adjust your online activities for a better time. For example, if your upload speed is slow, consider saving big uploads for quieter times.

Considering Upgrades: Whether it's gaming, streaming in 4K, or working from home—a speedtest BSNL tool can confirm if an upgrade is due, helping you find a plan that fits better to your need.

General Tips for Enhancing Your BSNL Internet Connection

Specific Advice for BSNL Broadband Users

Specific Advice for BSNL Subscribers

Reach Out to BSNL Support

Dealing with slow BSNL speeds? Chatting with BSNL customer support can work wonders. Their tech team can troubleshoot, offer tailored solutions, and send help if needed.

Scope Out Area-Specific Hurdles

Sometimes, internet speeds are beyond your control due to issues like network congestion or service outages. Keeping an eye on these area-specific problems is vital.

Optimize Your BSNL APN Settings

For BSNL mobile users, setting up the Access Point Name (APN) correctly can work wonders for speed and stability.

BSNL Device and Network Troubleshooting:

Slow internet speed isn't always about the network. Sometimes, it's the device acting up. Just make sure your smartphone or modem is up-to-date, try restarting, or resetting network settings to fix speed issues. Also, consider reducing connected devices or closing bandwidth-heavy apps for a speed boost.

Tips for Accurate Results and Optimizing Speed using BSNL Internet Speed Check Tool

FAQ - BSNL Speed Test

FAQ - BSNL Speed Test

Q: What are the factors that can cause your BSNL speed check process to display incorrect results?

A: Various things can play a role, such as:

Q: Even after using the BSNL speed check tool, if my internet speed results are not as I expected, what should I do?

A: Try the following steps:

  1. Restart your modem/router.
  2. Limit the number of devices connected to your network.
  3. Check for any background applications consuming bandwidth and close them.
  4. Contact BSNL support if problems persist.

Q: Can I test the speed of any connection with the help of BSNL speed test tool?

A: Our speedtest BSNL tool is specially designed to check the internet speed of BSNL, but it tests the speed of all networks. Therefore, you can confidently use this tool to check the speed of any network..

Q: Is this tool free?

A: Yes, it is 100% free.

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